Home extension in Brackley, Northants


We’re excited to share a special project we completed in Brackley, Northamptonshire. In this case study, we’ll take you through the transformation of a home that’s truly different from the usual.

Challenges and creative solutions

Our client had a specific idea in mind: they wanted the doors to have a smooth transition from inside to outside, so the indoor tiles seamlessly flowed into the outdoor patio. This was a fun challenge for us, and the result turned out fantastic. We’d definitely recommend this approach for future projects.

Innovative design choices

Working closely with the client, we added some unique features to make the project stand out:

  1. Skylights for More Light:
    We installed skylights to bring in more natural light, making the space feel open and inviting.
  2. Hidden Roof Gutters:
    To keep the roof looking clean and modern, we used a hidden gutter system to handle rainwater.
  3. K Render Finish:
    Instead of traditional render, we used K render, which not only looks great but also comes with built-in colour. That means no painting and less maintenance down the road.
  4. Cedar Cladding for Warmth:
    For the canopy, we chose cedar cladding to add a cozy touch and make the colours pop.
  5. Matching Exterior:
    To tie everything together, we went with black cladding and a GRP roof that matched the bifold doors, giving the exterior a sleek, cohesive look.

Construction highlights

This project involved a few key steps:

  • Removing the Conservatory:
    We cleared space for the extension by taking out an old conservatory.
  • Adjusting the Foundation:
    The original footings needed some changes to support the new extension.
  • Interior Upgrade:
    Inside the house, we made some significant improvements, including blocking off doors, updating the electrical system, and freshening up the walls.
  • Beautiful Porcelain Tiles:
    Downstairs, we installed stunning porcelain tiles to elevate the look and functionality of the space.
  • Doors and Stairs:
    We revamped all the doorways in the house, giving them a fresh look with new door frames, skirting, architraves, oak doors, and stylish carpeting. Plus, we added a new staircase with oak handrails to connect all three floors.
  • Electrical Updates:
    Our electricians brought the house up to date with the latest regulations, installed wired fire alarms, and made the lighting smart for added convenience.

Happy clients

Our dedication to quality and teamwork with the client left them extremely satisfied. They were so pleased with our work that they’ve asked us to come back in the spring to work on their garden landscaping. We’re thrilled to continue our successful partnership.

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